Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen - Herstructurering beenmergcentrale-Marrow Donor Program
The management asked hict to reorganise the organisation, to resolve the accounting backlog and to formulate the specifications for a renewed bone marrow data bank application.  
Microsoft – SWOT studie Amalga Belgische markt
Microsoft asked hict to examine the possibilities for the European market because it wanted to approach the European market with Amalga.  
Microsoft – Quick scan DynaBS Health
Microsoft made an appeal to the expertise of hict in order to estimate the value of the product and in order to judge whether it is, or not, a one-way ZIS, in accordance with the needs and specific...
Sint-Jozefkliniek Bornem – Merger guidance and support
hict was asked to prepare this merger and to guide it during a short period of 2 months, in order to ensure the continuity of care and the operational tasks and to integrate the exploitation of...
UZA – Inventory of patient flow processes
As part of the programme ‘Patient flow’ hict was asked to make an inventory and modelling of all processes related to the administrative and logistic flow of patients.
hict was asked to search for the potential markets in Wallonia for automated distribution systems for medication.
hict was asked to carry out a study for the ESP related processes from department to pharmacy.
At the end of 2006 there was a breach in the confidentiality of the medical data in the GGZ (now Riagg), South Limburg. A patient managed to publish his and other EPD's on the internet. hict was...
AZ Heilige Familie Rumst - Audit logistieke processen
The AZ Heilige Familie asked hict to analyse the logistic processes and to formulate improvement propositions in favour of the pharmacy, stockroom and two nursing units. This audit was done by:...
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